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  The goal of every ensemble at Bellevue East High School is to develop individual and ensemble skills through a detailed focus on fundamentals, listening, technique, and musicianship.  The ensembles are listening-focused process-oriented groups that provide an opportunity for students to develop and emphasize interactive musical skills in a large ensemble setting.  

Current Fundraisers

Thirty-One October Fundraiser

ALL of my commission from the Bellevue East Fundraiser party will be donated to the band. So, click on here to start your Christmas shopping!!

Weirdly Wired Jewelry

Marching Band season is almost over - commemorate their hard work and achievements AND help the Chieftain’s Band and its various programs at the same time with a completely unique stamped item!

These are created one stamp at a time, by a local artist and Band Mom, and no two items are alike.

4 Seasons Fundraising

Four 4 Seasons has been providing quality fundraising items to school and community organizations in Iowa and the upper Midwest since 1970. When it comes to raising money for your school, church, or organization, nothing beats selling with 4 Seasons Fund Raising!

Bellevue East code: Bell10.


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Chieftain Band

1401 High School Dr, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005, United States

(402) 293-4174


Director of Bands - Charles A. Wright

Associate Director - Kyle Sandall

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