Marching Band


The BEHS Marching Chieftains & Colorguard ensemble is offered as a curricular class (Advanced Band), but spends a great deal of time outside of the school day in rehearsal.  All 10th-12th Grade band students are expected to be a member of the Marching Chieftains.  9th Grade students may participate by audition only.  This ensemble begins meeting in the summers with regular Monday evening rehearsals, Thursday evening percussion and guard rehearsals, weekly sectionals, and culminating in a summer band camp prior to the beginning of school.  Attendance is required at the summer band camp for participation in the fall.  Once school begins, the group meets in the mornings prior to the school day at 7am and continues through 1st Hour.  Evening rehearsals continue to take place for the full ensemble on Monday evenings from 5pm-9pm, and an additional Percussion & Colorguard rehearsal takes place on Thursday from 5pm-9pm.  Other sections may schedule weekly sectionals, as well.  The Marching Chieftains & Colorgaurd will compete in five or six Saturday field competitions, two parades, and play for all home football games.  To offset the expenses of wardrobe, marching shoes, marching gloves, trips, props, and general funding of the Marching Chieftains & Colorguard, a fair annual fee is assessed to all members.  The goal of this ensemble is to develop and improve music and movement skills as an individual and an ensemble through every repetition.  Humanistic skills such as teamwork, responsibility, dependability, building relationships, organization, analysis, reflection, and a professional work ethic are also a point of emphasis.   This ensemble is rooted in using music and visual fundamentals along with a process-oriented mindset to provide an opportunity for students to develop and emphasize interactive music and visual skills at a high performance level.